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Color of Night (2018)

Color of Night

人生若如初相见 (2018)

Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama
Actors: Sun Yi, Han Elvis, Jeremy Jones Xu, Ma Jing Han, Zhou Ting Wei, Zheng Rossi, Fong Alex, Yue Yao Li, Hao Ze Jia, Yu Bo, Hao Bo Jie, Kong Korn, Lu Kelsey, Huang Howie, Chen Ruo Xuan, Cui Hans, Huang Tian Qi, Zhao Shu Ting, Shiu Maggie, Su Mao, Ko Eddy, Shu Ashin, Liu Xin Qi, Yang Ming Na, Zhou Xiao Fei, Wen Jiang, Yan Jing Yao, Jin Feng, Zhao Liang, Hou Yong
Networks: QQLive
Also Known As: If Time Could Stop the Moment We Met,If Time Could Stop at the Moment When We First Meet,Ren Sheng Ruo Ru Chu Xiang Jian,人生若只如初见,Color of Night,Mi Wo Wei Cheng,迷雾围城,迷霧圍城,人生若如初相見
Duration: 45 min. per ep
Types: Drama
Countries: Chinese
Released: 2018
Episode: Ep 50 / 50
An arrogant third master of a powerful family falls in love at first sight with a pretty young maiden and uses every means possible to force her hand in marriage, despite her harboring a crush on another man. In the beginning of a coerced marriage, she resents him and rejects all his advances and gestures of love, but their love story slowly develops after going through obstacles in times of war and chaos. However, things get complicated when her old flame returns and becomes her husband’s assistant.
Category: Chinese, Drama
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